Where is EHEC?

Is it meat, milk, cheese, apple juice or even power? So far nobody knows where the dangerous EHEC bacteria are hidden. EHEC is dangerous because no drug can kill the pathogen, without becoming more important to patients than it already is. Therefore, the treatment is complex and in severe cases hospitalization with blood transfusion is required. At present, the victims of EHEC increase daily and rapidly. Where do aggressive pathogens come from? Are we really helpless at the mercy of EHEC as it seems?

EHEC: a dangerous sub-strain of a largely harmless bacterial family
EHEC belongs to the so-called Escherichia coli, which colonizes our intestines naturally and does not harm us. EHEC is a dangerous minority in this family of bacteria and 100 of them are sufficient to infect the disease. Its presence in the human intestines can lead to severe bloody diarrhea with potentially fatal consequences.
EHEC bacteria are three times more dangerous
EHEC blocks cells in the intestinal wall and leads to more rapid death. But that alone will not be a problem. The main causes of the typical symptoms of EHEC are toxins produced by bacteria: the neurotoxicity called Shiga toxins and other poisons can dissolve blood cells.

EHEC symptoms
If you visit EHEC, you will notice that you have abdominal pain and diarrhea three to four days after the infection, which initially is watery but then becomes bloody and may be accompanied by a high temperature. These symptoms often resolve after a few days. However, in 10 to 20 percent of cases, the immune system can no longer control the situation. Comparing Complications.
Complications EHEC
The toxins in bacteria cause the accumulation of platelets (platelets) together. As a result, the microvascular vessels in the kidneys are closed. There is a deficiency there, which can end in kidney failure or kidney failure. This condition is called HUS for hemolytic uremic syndrome and may be reported in accordance with the Infection Protection Act. In addition, it can cause nerve damage in the brain. These, in turn, are shown in mystery, as well as visual disturbances and speech.

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