What to do when you can not stop sneezing

Sneezing is a reaction to irritants and a way for the nose to eliminate germs. Almost any particle can irritate the nose and cause sneezing.
Common irritants include:

Virus or bacteria
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All these particles can cause sneezing. Sneezing is an interaction that can be partially controlled by irritants. Therefore, it is possible to delay or even stop sneezing before it happens.

12 way to stop sneezing
It is possible to delay or stop sneezing normally when:

1. Allergy treatment
A man is about to sneeze
Irritants, such as pollen and dust, aggravate the nose and cause sneezing.
Allergy treatment is a good way to prevent sneezing. Sneezing often occurs in groups of two to three.

However, for the treatment of allergies, the person must first determine what triggers the allergic reaction. Once identified, a person can avoid allergens and avoid sneezing due to allergies.

There may be times when allergens can not be avoided.

In these cases, people can control their interactions with allergens by using over-the-counter medications that can help with allergies.

Popular types include:

Antihistamines or pills
Nasal sprays of glucocorticosteroids
Some people with more severe reactions may need medical injections or sensitizers to prevent or minimize the effects

2. Learn the triggers
Different things can make someone sneeze. It can be easy to identify and avoid some of these stimuli. Learning what causes sneezing can help people avoid it.

The operators include:

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Spices, like peppers
Bright lights
The food is spicy
Cold virus
Bread flour
3. Treatment of sneezing
Sneezing when looking at a bright light is called optical sneezing. This condition affects about a third of people worldwide, who are activated to start sneezing out on a bright day.

People with photosynthesis usually have a family history of this condition. They can avoid sneezing by not looking directly at bright lights and wearing sunglasses on sunny days.

4. Avoid large meals
Some people sneeze after eating and feel particularly full. This interaction can be prevented by taking smaller portions and taking smaller bites. This phenomenon is not well understood.

5. Say something strange
People say that saying a funny or strange word before sneezing can prevent sneezing from happening. They are pure stories.

The idea is that the verbal act of something interesting or unusual distracts the brain to avoid sneezing. There is no investigation to support these accusations.

6. Tickle the lid of the mouth
A person can stifle sneezing by stimulating the palate with the tongue. Doing this for several seconds before sneezing can help prevent it.

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