What is scum?

The slag is neutralized with minerals and trace elements and then deposited in the body’s acids and toxins. The neutralization of acids and toxins is a measure that the body needs to protect its members from acidification.

The slag is eliminated
From a chemical point of view, slag is the formation of neutral salts. These beneficial salts formed by the body are generally discarded by the enlarged kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin. Only by depositing salt formed by the body does it become scum. This is for example when the drop deals with slag and uric acid deposits.

Unequal degrees of acidity are necessary
The acid gradient between blood, connective tissue and organ cells is an ingenious device. They prefer to eliminate the acids from the cells through the connective tissue to the blood. Our blood transfers acid. Where they can be disposed of as quite toxic waste either to the lungs, which are able to remove carbon dioxide with respiration, or the kidneys, the acid is eliminated in the urine.

Bowel and skin scum
The acids can also be excreted by the intestines and sweat glands in the skin. The basic condition for this garbage disposal in our bodies is, of course, the healthy functioning of our wax removal mechanisms. You must remember that with years of life the body’s ability to get rid of its acids anyway. Important to eliminate toxic waste in the body is also a reasonable level of acid generated.
Limited capacities
The mechanisms that discharge the accumulated acids have a relatively limited capacity. And more production acid, blood, kidneys, respiratory, intestinal and skin and can get rid of it, the object of neutralizing these acids with essential minerals, and carries them called slag in a warehouse – temporary Ltkhozan, as it is said in the nuclear waste, maybe because of not found “warehouse”.
The connective tissue is the biggest dump in our slag!
Our connective tissue (tissue called tissue fascia) has always been seen as tissue and filling a largely useless envelope. It seems that his task is to fill in the spaces between bones, organs and muscles. But the connective tissue not only carries all the organs of the body together, but connects the cells of the organs with the blood fluid.

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