Texas lacks insurance for a clear understanding of its health insurance plans

The main confusion for Texas that bought individual health insurance.
It was unlikely that Texans who bought their health insurance understood the basic conditions and how to use their plans compared to those who had health insurance, medical care or medical care. This is one of the findings of a new report issued by the Baker Institute for Public Policy of the Rice Foundation and the Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF).

The report found that the percentage of Texas that purchased individual health insurance plans increased by 78 percent (to 18 percent from 10 percent) from 2013 to 2015. The increase includes 1.3 million Texans who bought Affordable health care market plans. However, the researchers discovered that Texas, which purchased individual plans, was much less likely to understand the basic terms of health insurance, such as “premium,” “reimbursement,” and “deductible.”

For example, 25 percent of Texans with health insurance sponsored by staff said they lacked confidence in understanding the term “maximum out-of-pocket costs.” But more than 42 percent of Texas residents who bought their own health insurance plans said they did not understand the same term.

“It’s ironic that people with individual health insurance plans are less likely to understand basic conditions, but they have the greatest need to understand them,” said Elena Marks, president and CEO of EHF and a non-resident health policy partner. Baker. Institute. “This group must choose from a variety of health insurance options and pay much more for their insurance.” They need to understand what they are buying. ”

The report found that Texas residents who purchased their health insurance had more difficulty understanding how to use their health plans. More than half (51%) said they lacked the confidence to understand how much it would cost to go to caregivers outside of their plan’s network. Almost half (46%) said they did not understand what preventive services they were, many of which covered health plans at no additional cost.

The researchers found that Texas with health insurance, medical care and military-sponsored personnel had difficulty understanding the basic terms of health insurance and how to use their plans. However, their lack of confidence was about one third lower than that of Texans who purchased individual health insurance.

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