Heart attack due to hyperacidity

One of the most common causes of heart attack is the acidification of the body. Excessive acidification over a long period of time can cause a sudden interruption in the supply of blood and nutrients in the affected areas of the body.

Acidity causes red blood cells to solidify
That the supply can stop suddenly, finds its cause in the red blood cells azidosestarre (red blood cells).

This transport of vital oxygen is necessary for life in the tissues. Although they have a diameter of 7.5, they can also flow due to their flexible structure by capillaries with a diameter of only 3 to 4. Until they pass through short bursts with a diameter of 2. The acidity of hyperhidrosis prevents red blood cells of their flexibility so that they can freeze suddenly and from time to time.
Hypoxia hypoxia
After the red blood cells lose their elasticity, and as a result, the fluid is no longer able to absorb enough oxygen, so there is an internal tension of breathing.

At the same time, anaerobic fermentation leads to an increase in local acidosis (also known as acidosis), where acidification is known as a technical language, and the structure of the affected cells becomes rigid. Therefore, they can no longer be metabolized and there is an additional acidity in the nucleus of the cell. Therefore, acidosis is a process that is continually strengthened after it begins.

Acidification is increasing
One of the consequences of a slow onset of hyperacidity in the tissue is the increased hardening of the erythrocytes. This transfers only a small amount of oxygen and can not pass through the bottlenecks in the capillaries, causing clogging. Hyperacidity increases the resulting hyperacidity and, as a result, RBC stagnates again.

This vicious circle can be stopped if it is identified in a timely manner. However, the result is usually a stroke or a heart attack, since the body’s life-sustaining vital functions decrease only when an increase is needed. After a while, the deficiency increases to the point of partial tissue death (necrosis).

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