Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam? Can You Make $500 Per Day?Read Reviews


Nowadays online jobs are very common. Most people want jobs because of their financial status. Many websites welcome people for online jobs but lots of these websites are fake. People invest money but they get no response from the company. In the result, they get only lose. But today I am going to tell you about a new and trusting website which is known as “ecom Cash Code”. According to Robert Allan, the cash code trading software can help you earn thousands of dollars and achieve financial independence by trading binary options.

ecom cash code - reviews


While there are some real estate and investing gurus with similar names, we did not uncover any information on the specific Robert Allan mentioned in the Ecom Cash Code video.

As such, it is your opinion that it is either a completely fictitious person made up to promote Ecom Cash Code, or a pseudonym. In either instance, we’d be wary of anything that comes out of this person’s mouth.

ABOUT Ecom Cash Code :

Created by Robert Allan, Ecom Cash Code is a binary options trading platform that claimed to help you start making profits as soon as your account is activated. In fact, Robert  claims that the average cash code investor make 10,000 dollars using the platform, which can help you realize “Complete Financial freedom”

On the top of this Ecom Cash Code is claimed to be ideal for investors for any level,  from beginner to advanced you simply have to push few buttons per day, while the software does all the remaining work. And Ecom Cash Code software is not only easy to use Robert claims that it “legally and ethically cheats” the system with the 100% success rate. If you have little to no experience investing can you really expect the Ecom Cash Code to start making you money today? Or will you actually be making someone else money?

First, let’s find out what is a binary option is? Or whether or not it represents the solid financial investment.


Instead of providing a long, drawn-out explanation about what is binary trading is, the Wikipedia sums it up nicely,

A binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all ( in contrast to binary financial options that typically have to continues spectrum of payoff).

In layman’s terms, when trading binary options you are basically betting on the price decrease or increase on a given asset such as gold. An in-depth look at how binary options will work.


Despite all the promises of big profits on the Ecom Cash Code website, if you have been doing any trading for any length of time,  you already understand that there are thousands of different ways to make money some of which will be more in line with your overall financial goals than others. In addition, you probably understand that almost by definition, investing in the stock market or other financial eons can come with a great deal of risk. Especially if it is your first foray in the stock market. And although you have essentially had two options put or call with binary options, you are essentially gambling with your money. This is because even if you are guru binary options still represents a highly speculating investment. Think of it in this way, although you have been investing For your decades and using your extensive market knowledge to consistently realize using all this knowledge might not do you be a bit of good when it comes to binary option.


In short, there is much more we do not know about Ecom Cash Code then what we do know?  To cut to the chase it appears that the company behind Ecom Cash Code is partnered with the third-party firm to provide brokerage services to individuals looking to invest in binary options. After you supply all your information on the cash code website, this means you will likely be contacted directly by this firm to fund your account and to install your trading software.


We did not come across to any legitimate online customer reviews in our research, although we did not find the fairly in-depth review of the cash call system on the Dale Rogers website.

Ultimately it was concluded that the cash call has not been designed and developed by an expert trader at all. Instead, It is been created by an internet marketer who, to be honest probably does not even have a clue about binary options trading, who is basically looking to earn commissions by signing up by many accounts as possible.

Ecom Cash Code pricing and fees?

Singing up for Ecom Cash Code trading is 100% free. However, will you ultimately choose to open the brokerage account you will need to fund it with the maximum of 250 dollars. Then each time you make money on your binary options trading so will your brokers. Because the Ecom Cash Code options are free,  no refund information is provided on the website .there was not any contact information listen,  other than a free Gmail account which should raise the big red flag.


Consider the Ecom Cash Code basically just act as a sales funnel for third-party brokerage firms,  it definitely will not help you to make any money. Top of this, as we detailed above binary options are an extremely volatile form of trading where none of your past experience (if have) can help you to prove your odds of landing a winning trade.

As such we did recommend to consult with the financial advisor before deciding to invest in binary options or, at the very least we might recommend choosing a more transparent brokerage firm such as Empire options, trade king,  and many others.

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