Where is EHEC?

Is it meat, milk, cheese, apple juice or even power? So far nobody knows where the dangerous EHEC bacteria are hidden. EHEC is dangerous because no drug can kill the pathogen, without becoming more important…

What causes feet to sweat?

It is common to have sweaty feet at times, but excessive sweating may indicate a condition called hyperhidrosis. Curling feet can also cause other health problems, such as foot odor, athlete’s foot, and foot fungi….

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Why do odors bring these living memories?

A new study, published in Nature Communications, shows that our brains combine scent with information about space and time to form occasional memories. The results may lead to better “ambitious tests” for Alzheimer’s disease. A…

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What causes vaginal seizures?

Seizures or vaginal seizures can have strong and painful muscle cramps. While moderate vaginal contractions may be symptoms of menstruation, painful cramps or vaginal cramps that occur outside of the menstrual period often have underlying…