Bare scanners damage health

In the search for the effects of the millimeter-ray scanners used in whole-body radiographs, it was announced that the radiation emitted by the body’s energy scanners could damage human DNA.

There are two leading technologies in the market
Currently, two technologies are generally used as unprotected screens in airports around the world. First, the use of X-ray technology for nude photos of air travelers to get on the other side, Ray millimeter technology, “the information center in the electronic data reports (Electronic Privacy Information Center This nonprofit organization called in the United States government recently to ban these electronic naked scanners.
Health consequences are not excluded
In X-ray mode, exposure to radiation was actually less than with traditional x-rays and health effects could not be ruled out.

The millimeter-ray scanner emits terahertz waves (high frequency energy particles), which can penetrate body tissues. However, the manufacturers of these scanners claim that they are completely safe and do not pose health risks.

Terahertz waves from the naked scan affect DNA
But according to a study conducted studies conducted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico by Boian S. Alexandrov (and his colleagues) in the nonlinear center of these terahertz waves are capable of double-stranded DNA, and causes bubbles in the double tracks, which in turn can affect the separation Significantly in processes such as gene expression or DNA replication.

The weakness of “gene expression” or “DNA replication” would pose a great threat to human health. When you pick up these optical body scanners, not only passive terahertz waves, but active until the “bombardment” of people, the question arises, to what extent is a safe pregnancy with terahertz waves. “And ..
Careless security checks
So far, the integrity of these scanners has not been verified by any independent institute. So far, there are no studies to prove that these terahertz waves are not damaged.

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